This gadget is so cool. If you're a guy who has tons of t-shirts and hates to fold laundry then you must get this. Plus my kids like the FlipFold Jr. and they think it's magic the way it folds so neatly.
M.P. - Atlantic City, NJ

If you are a neat freak, this is definitely a product for you! I love the way it is fun to use and my teenage daughter wanted one for her clothes when she saw how uniform everything becomes! We now have two sets! Great concept, and it makes me so happy to see everything match up in the piles of clothing and bath towels. Thank you!
J.T. - Brentwood,TN

I recently purchased the FlipFold. I really did not think it would be that great. After receiving it and using it, wow was I wrong. Not only does it fold tee shirts, sweat shirts, dress shirts but I love it for folding bath towels. Everything is now uniform and fits so much better in drawers and linen closet. I am a fan forever.
A.R. - San Diego, CA

I bought these for the family, so the kids can start folding there own clothes. The 6-year-old thought this was great fun, and since all there clothes have to go in a dresser this helped tremendously. Everything is the same size so it stacks better in the drawers. We love it!
L.M. - Dallas, TX

This makes folding shirts so much easier and neater...I have 2 sons and a husband who all have a lot of tee shirts. Makes folding them a breeze and their closets have never been neater.
J.R. - Buffalo, NY

This seemingly simple concept is by far one of the coolest items ever. I'm the first to admit I'm a skeptic when it comes to gadgets that "make life easier" but this does exactly what it says it will. I'll most definitely be purchasing more as gifts in the future. Thanks!
M.M. - New Orleans, LA

Received this just in time for Spring closet cleaning. The closet never looked better. Everything is so neat, it looks like a department store with my tee shirts and cotton sweaters. A must buy!
A.F. - Orlando, FL

This product is wonderful!! I used it the night I received it while doing laundry and ended up refolding all the clothes in my both my kid's room!! It gave them so much more room in their drawers. I am going to get another to send with my son to college next year.
S.C. - Atlanta, GA

Your product is the best thing in my life!!! I am 39 and hate to fold my laundry. Let me tell you, my husband thinks I lost my mind. I folded everything in the house and had him pull more clothes out of the dresser so I could "practice". Thanks for making this necessary chore fun. The fold is perfect!
D.B. - Knoxville,TN

I am 62 years old and the FlipFOLD is the most fun I have had in years! And what a nice feeling to look at all those neatly folded clothes and towels. I have never seen anything like the FlipFOLD. Where have you been all my life?
C.S. - Syracuse, N.Y

I just ordered 3 FlipFOLDS! I saw one being used at Bass Pro Shop. We have 4 children and I can't wait to show them how to use it. I am giving FlipFOLDS for gifts.
T.H. - Lawrenceville, GA

I must tell you that you have invented the greatest device in the world!!! I have an embroidery business. What a time-saving device. Congratulations and wishing you continued success. You sure have made my company's products more presentable!
T.D. - One Day Embroidery

To whom it may concern: I've recently purchased the FlipFOLD and I think it is THE GREATEST INVENTION SINCE THE WASHING MACHINE!

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