How to Use FlipFold

The FlipFOLD shirt & laundry folding board comes complete with instructions on how to fold most garments (t-shirts, sweaters, pants, towels, etc).
You can download a copy of these Folding Instructions.

Shirt Folding Tips & Advice:

  • When flipping and folding, move the boards quickly and firmly - this allows for a flat, neat fold, getting all the air out.
  • Do you know what our holes are for? They reduce static allowing air to pass through the board, eliminating that pullback effect.
  • Sweatshirts are bulky, so make your last fold by hand. If your sweatshirt is hooded, fold hood in and even with the edge of the board.
  • For tops with chest monogram or pocket detail, remember to offset your shirt on center panel D featuring your design. Play with positioning for ideal exposure.


Perfect, Uniform Folds Everytime.