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Debbie's Story- Kids

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but in my case, my daughters were my inspiration for FlipFold, the Ultimate Folding Tool. Being the mother of two girls can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to folding laundry. The kid's closets and drawers were consistently a mess. They could never find anything, and when they did, the clothes were usually wrinkled. I pleaded with them, "Girls, when you do your laundry, fold clothes neatly and to the same size. Your rooms will be more organized with less clutter; your clothes will be neat and wrinkle-free." My oldest girl responded, "We can't fold clothes Mom, it's too hard and folding clothes takes too long". I thought about what she said, and realized that she was right, we needed a laundry organizer to help us with our folding.

I started brainstorming on different ideas for organizing clutter. I thought about the challenges of folding clothes and what a laundry organizer would need to make folding easier. Then it hit me; a laundry organizer could help more than just my kids. In fact, I heard that complaint in all areas of the garment industry.

In my professional retail buying career, I have also seen the constant challenge that folding clothes presents. Retailers and manufacturers spend countless hours on organizing clutter and folding clothes for store presentation and shipping. Folding is a business expense not only in dollars but also in customer service. When I invented FlipFold, the Ultimate Folding Tool, I realized that this versatile folding tool could do more than just help my kids with folding clothes. FlipFold allows all types of businesses in the garment industry to fold clothes in a quick, consistent and uniform manner, so employees are folding clothes more quickly while freeing themselves for other tasks like...selling!

Large retailers like Nike, Sports Authority, Federated Department Stores, Bass Pro Shops, as well as pro sports teams, stadiums, screen printers, uniform companies, and even the FBI use FlipFold, The Ultimate Folding Tool, to save time, money and enhance presentation.

FlipFold, first made on my kitchen counter to fold my girls' laundry, is now manufactured in the USA and distributed around the world. Let's face it, we all have a lot of folding to do, why not do it in seconds and get a perfect fold every time? I promise you once you try the FlipFold for folding clothes, you will be on your way to organizing clutter built up in your closets and you will wonder how you ever lived without it!


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